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Walk in cooler and walk in freezer Special
East of the Mississippi for our standard size Walk in coolers and Walk in freezers
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Tecumseh Refrigeration Equipment
Tecumseh compressors
Medium and Low temp
PSC or EC motors available
Low profile evaporators
Air or electric defrost evaps.
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Looking for a Walk in or Reach in Cooler or Freezer?
Walk in Cooler Walk in Coolers 6'x6' with remote Indoor
Condenser, Evaporator and standard size
door with hardware 2009 EISA Compliant.
Starting from $3474.00
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Walk in Freezer Walk in Freezers 6'x6' with floor, remote indoor Condenser, Evaporator, standard
size door hardware 2009 EISA Compliant.
Starting from $4535.00
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Reach in Cooler - Freezer Reach in Coolers or Freezers, 2-5 Glass
Doors, T-8 Lights, 5 Shelves per door 27"
deep, with condenser & reach in evaporator.
Starting from $3899.00
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TurboAir Refrigerated Products
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We sell walk in coolers, walk in freezers, and all types of other refrigeration equipment.

Look through our selection of glass door coolers and freezers today.

Frigid Coolers is your top resource for cold storage solutions. Whether you run a restaurant, a grocery store, or another type of company, we are sure to carry the products you need to operate efficiently. We offer walk in coolers, walk in freezers, and all kinds of other refrigeration equipment items. Among our most popular pieces of merchandise are glass door coolers and refrigerators. These have a modern aesthetic and allow you and your employees to easily see what is being stored in each container. We pride ourselves on providing affordable rates to all of our clients; we know you work hard for your money! Contact Frigid Coolers today to receive a no obligation price quote that is guaranteed to be valid for 30 days.

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